Sunday, February 8, 2009

Guide to Making Big Money With Zangocash

1. The Method
2. Choosing Your Niche
3. Making your gateway look good and making it convert
4. YouTube Secrets
5. Monetizing visitors after they’ve downloaded Zango

Before you start:
Keep in mind Zangocash loves websites with games and entertainment.
If you don’t have a Zango account, once you apply ALWAYS add your
account manager to an Instant Messenger and talk to him. Tell him you
plan on using YouTube and paid ads on gaming websites to get your
Your site CANNOT be a sub domain, make it have a lot of content,
simply copy and paste Ezinearticles or a description from other
YouTube videos onto your website. Make about 6-7 short pages, add
some pictures and your good to go, also make sure your layout is good.
I use a free template that I found with a simple Google search, should
take about MAX 2 hours.
The Method

Instead of submitting 200 porn videos per day we are going to submit
maximum 2-3 videos per day that get real traffic and rank high in
YouTube searches.
You have to offer in your videos something that can be downloaded
and that is very searched for on the internet. Then lure the visitors into
visiting your page and wanting that program or information so badly
that they will even download Zango(and more).
Cool thing is , you don’t even need to have what you claim in the video ,
so your options are endless!
In the niches below, most of them appeal to a young audience, so right
there that increases your conversion ratio, add that they are dying for
the program past your zango gateway and you’re in for some very high

You could go ahead and post your videos on other websites , but in my
personal experience those viewers converted much lower and my
videos hardly got any views so I didn’t really get much visitors.

Choosing Your Niche
First of all you need something fresh and not saturated. The following
are a good list of niches I like to exploit with my method:

- Movies
- Games
- Antivirus programs and newer versions of them
- Cracks and Hacks

Within those niches, there are hundreds of thousands of topics. Every
week a bunch of movies that come out, new games are released and
new cracks and hacks for those latest games and programs are
searched for insanely.
For example:
I post on YouTube saying that since the movies are like 2-3 hours long ( research how long it really is) it’s more convenient for them to watch
them in HD on my website and all in one part , rather than cheap
quality on YouTube and watching it in 20 parts. There are probably
hundreds of other excuses you can use, although always make it look as
if it’s to please the viewer.

You can also claim you have a hack for some super big program and
then just watch the amount of traffic you’re going to get.
The programs and games niches convert incredibly high (1:2 – 1:6)
Most people don’t know what Zango is and sometimes think they are
actually downloading the movie itself or a plug-in to watch the movie.

Making Your Gateway Convert
Never use the syndication tool, in my experience the gateways convert
200% better than the syndication program.
If you are posting a video on watching a movie called for example
” James Bond” , create a specific zango gateway titled something like
“ Watch James Bond in HD online” , then for your banner , open
up MS paint , go on Google , search for some pictures of James bond
and make a banner out of it. This makes the zango gateway look less
like a Zango gateway if done right and also tells there user they visited
the right page.
This is all done because we really need the user to believe that past this
Zango gateway is a video of this James bond movie , they will go ahead
and download Zango since it’s only a potential threat according to their
Anti viruses , some AVs though will say Zango is a backdoor Trojan and
some might get scared off by that but most if done right , still go ahead
and download zango.
I like to change my background color to red, as that color is said to
stimulate people.

Getting Your Video Popular
not get a good video with many views your work doesn’t get as much
leverage and so that means smaller profits for you. READ EVERYTHING
I put myself in the place of YouTube and thought of measures the take
to prevent tricks to get many views, my findings were incredible.
I use Windows Movie Maker to make my videos, very easy to use. The
music in the video has to be stimulating, I usually put some techno. Also
the music cannot be copyrighted or YouTube will eventually delete the
video due to the request of the record company , I’ve lost out on thousands of dollars because I did not see this coming , many of my
videos getting 300+ views per day got deleted. Use beats or something,
you can find these on Google or torrents or make your own on, I suggest your save your Windows Movie Maker
template so that you can speed up the process of making videos in your
For the title, name it on your video before you upload it to YouTube.
The description has to be INSANELY long, don’t overstuff it with
keywords or the bots will catch on. Add links to other websites such as
IMDB for a movie release etc... Good videos have outbound links to give
the viewers extra information, so we will do the same.
The good videos always allow the viewer to rate and comment their
videos, so will we.
Stuff the tags like there’s no tomorrow.
Now have some extra YouTube accounts ready. Once your video goes
public, wait until your video has around 3-5 views and then go rate it
and favourite it. If you’re the first viewer after 3 seconds and your rate
it 5/5, favourite it , comment and subscribe all at once the bots catch
on RIGHT AWAY and you lose points on your rank.
20-30 minutes later go comment it and subscribe with a different
account. DO NOT go subscribe and comment right after you’ve rated
and favorited because like I said, the bots will catch on. YouTube has a
VERY advanced protection script, they are owned by Google.
After this go rate, comment, subscribe or favourite it with different
accounts every 1 hour or so continually for 4-6 hours. This tells
YouTube that a high ratio of visitors that come to your video like it and
are posting feedback on it and are discussing it, thus resulting in a high

When posting another video a few days later, use this account. By now
it will be a little aged, have subscribers and many profile views, a good
candidate to post a video.
YouTube check’s how long you viewed the video, watch the whole
video AND THEN rate, comment, subscribe or favourite it. Yes that’s
how advanced the YouTube scripts are in my opinion.
Now please keep in mind that this is just some techniques I have seen
that have helped me A LOT with my videos, but I can’t say for sure that
the YouTube script works like this as I don’t have never seen their
source code.

Monetizing the Traffic Afterwards

Remember that even though they have download Zango they are still
looking for that download you promised. I usually use email submits from here , or make them download that so called file I promised but
binded with another PPI exe.

Please ALWAYS use zango and NOT CPALead , zango converts MUCH
better and pays more than email submits and CPALead even with their
virus warning.

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